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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  September 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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philadelphia. pottstown is in the 50s. it's in the 50s for millville. we saw some areas of light fog in south jersey there quickly disappearing. a cool, dry start at the bus stop this morning. 50s in the suburbs, 60s in center city with a nice afternoon but a cloudy one, too, with some breaks of sunshine at lunchtime, 77 degrees and 80 degrees, unusually warm for the end of september. got your hour-by-hour forecast, show you what's going to happen for the rest of the day when i come back. but first, katy zachry's in with traffic. good morning, katy. >> good morning, bill. we have had a pretty good morning, no accidents to report. i hesitate to say that not to jinx it, but we'll start with a live look at i-76 right near 476, where you can see free and clear of any problems. we are seeing a few more cars on the roadway, so it's slowing things down a bit, but not to account for any delays. in fact, you can see 76 westbound from the vine to the blue route only 14 minutes. 476, 95 in the trouble spots, they look good as well. taking a look at the ben
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franklin bridge right now, this is the westbound side as you head into center city, philadelphia. there is some track work being done taking out the two right lanes, so that's accounting for some delays as we get into more of the morning rush. and in delaware, this is in stanton, stanton christiana road at delaware park boulevard. the right lane is blocked because of a downed pole. they've been working on it throughout the morning, but just keep that in mind if you're heading in that area. and new from overnight, investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire in the basement of a high-rise apartment building. nbc 10 was on bryn mawr avenue in winfield just after 11:00 last night. firefighters were able to quickly get the situation under control and residents were allowed back inside about an hour later. a west philadelphia girl is the victim of a hit-and-run driver. the 7-year-old is rushed to the hospital as a witness takes off after the suspect. the witness tells nbc 10 he heard a boom, he saw the car he says hit the child driving away, so he chases the green
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mitsubishi outlander and takes video that includes the license plate. he gave the video to investigators. they tell us this is the car they're looking for. police are searching for the lime green mitsubishi outlander with pennsylvania tags jky-7458. last seen near 38th and girard. the accident happened around 6:45 last night at 42nd and pennsgrove in west philly. 7-year-old allure mclaine is in guarded condition right now at children's hospital of philadelphia. her grandfather says that neighbors ran to his house and told him what happened. today, two cities in our area will begin a new effort to cut down on crime. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in wilmington, one of five cities nationwide selected for this federal program. matt, last hour you talked about what police are looking to get out of this, but camden is also on that list. >> reporter: yeah, and vai, wilmington police have been trying to fight off a plague of crime for several years now, so, too, is camden, new jersey. both police departments say that they will do whatever they can
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and take whatever help they can get from the federal government. >> there are some things that we're all doing very well, but it's no secret that we are cities that have challenges. >> reporter: and camden county police chief scott thompson says the biggest challenge has been gun violence, one that he's been working to cut since taking office last year. >> we've been extremely successful over the last year in addressing that, but we're not waving a flag of victory. >> reporter: chief thompson says he's already taken ideas from philadelphia, new york and chicago, but now he's heading to washington where the department of justice is waiting to offer crime-fighting resources not available to local law enforcement. wilmington police will be there as well. >> we're open to any suggestions, any help that's offered to us. >> reporter: last year there were 154 incidents of gun violence in delaware's largest city. and as of 2013, the first state with six on an fbi list of most dangerous states. >> we'd like to get off that list, and whatever help we can get, we're going to take and we're going to look for that as
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an opportunity to make wilmington a safer, better place for everyone to live. [ sirens ] >> reporter: and essentially how this is going to work is city leaders will be sitting down with agents from the atf, dea and fbi, and they'll go over what resources the federal government can offer them and see where it takes them in helping to bring those violent crime numbers down. live in wilmington this morning, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 6:04 right now, 64 degrees outside. an investigation is under way to find out what started a house fire that killed the president of cooper university health system and his wife. the bodies of john and joyce sheridan were found in an upstairs bedroom of their home. prosecutors say the circumstances surrounding the fire are still being investigated. the fire started just before 6:15 sunday morning inside the sheridans' home in montgomery township, somerset county. the next step in the investigation will be to perform autopsies on the couple to figure out exactly what caused their deaths. > now, governor chris christie
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released a statement saying "john was an outstanding public servant, a leader in the health care system, a true new jersey treasure. joyce was an outstanding teacher, wife and mother." in a statement to nbc 10, cooper's chairman of the board of trustees, george norcross, said "it is hard to overstate how great a loss john's death is to his family, friends, co-workers and cooper. there is no one else who has had as big an impact on me as john did, except my father." a court hearing is scheduled today for a former philadelphia police officer accused of kidnapping and rape. richard decoatsworth is accused of forcing two women to take drugs and perform sexual acts. earlier this year, decoatsworth pleaded guilty to some of the charges in connection with this crime but then withdrew his guilty plea. in 2007, decoatsworth was celebrated as a hero after being shot in the face during the capture of a suspect. there are still no suspects in the murder of a philadelphia woman shot while walking her dog. it happened saturday night along morse street in the strawberry mansion section of the city. the victim is 42-year-old
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kathryn berry. authorities say that she was shot at point blank range. her family says they don't know why someone would target the home health aid and mother of four, but investigators are now trying to figure out a motive for the shooting. the search for the suspect in the murder of a pennsylvania state trooper has shifted. a state police spokesperson says the focus of the search has moved slightly to the southeast but wouldn't say why. eric frein is charged with ambushing two state troopers outside the barracks in blooming grove on september 12th, killing one officer and wounding another. authorities believe they had him contained within a 5-square-mile perimeter around his parents' home in monroe county. and of course, you can count on nbc 10 and to follow the latest developments in the police manhunt as they happen. and a fund-raiser's taking place today to raise money for bullet-proof vests for police officers. the 24th annual vest a cop is happening at the toms river pizza hut. it starts at 4:00 this afternoon. the event has officers trading in their uniforms for aprons as
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they wait on tables and they serve customers. a portion of pizza hut's profits as well as the tips that the officers will get today will be donated to the vest fund. it is 6:07. new this morning, the u.s.-led coalition has carried out several more air strikes targeting islamic state group positions in northern and eastern syria. one of the targets, the country's largest gas plant. despite the air war against isis in syria, the islamic insurgents are still battling kurdish forces for control of a town on the border with turkey. u.s. air strikes have hit isis targets near the town, but the heavily armed sunni militants appear to be gradually forcing the kurdish fighters back. and the battle with isis for iraq's second largest city continues, despite weeks of fighting and the assistance of coalition air strikes. kurdish fighters there have been unable to advance against the militants. the kurds say they lack the sophisticated weaponry to push back the well-armed isis fighters. now to breaking news that we're following for you. skyforce10 live above a shooting on old york road and sparks
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avenue in the ogontz section of philadelphia. we are told one man was shot in the leg. right now old york is closed while police investigate. we will keep you posted on what's happening there and let you know when that road will reopen. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> gorgeous sunshine over the weekend, but this morning clouds are blowing into the area. a little bit of a breeze. the flags are blowing atop the aramark building in center city. clouds will have us with a little less sunshine during the day today, but it's still going to be a warm day. in spite of the clouds moving in, we should be in the lower 70s for afternoon temperatures today. we'll be close to 80 degrees this afternoon. any showers will hold off today, but they are in the seven-day forecast. 59 at pottstown, 64 now in northeast philadelphia and philadelphia international, and 62 degrees in wilmington. roxborough's down to 62 degrees, while it's 64 in northeast
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philadelphia. wharton is at 66 degrees right now. a little fog in the trenton area. doylestown seeing some fog. dense fog, though, at the shore for atlantic city. it is completely gone now. wiped out of here. but the clouds, they're not going to leave quickly. you could see some breaks in the cloud cover. we'll get some breaks of sunshine. but it's going to be a mostly cloudy day today. no sign of showers today, but it's a possibility tomorrow. look at the warmth. upper 70s for allentown, reading and doylestown, 77 degrees this afternoon, while it hits 80 for northeast philadelphia and mt. holly. 78 in dover and vineland with clouds and sunshine. fog quickly disappearing already for atlantic city. upper 70s for wilmington, chester and west chester with clouds and some breaks of sunshine. there is some wet weather ahead and some cooler weather as well. i've got the timing coming up just in a few minutes with the seven-day forecast. this morning on my way into work, i rerouted myself to the betsy ross bridge, because the first of two bridge openings
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over the tacony, but otherwise, it's clear out there. >> let's check with first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. >> i feel partially responsible, because last time i saw you, i said no accidents, and of course, now there are two to talk about. vai, the burlington bristol bridge is now open, so that affects traffic on route 14. that should come back down in about 15 minutes. i'll keep you updated about that. but of course, in bucks county, an accident, our first big one of the morning -- not a big one, but the first significant one of the morning. this is on old bridge road at high road. and then also in montgomery county in willow grove, easton road at moreland road, there is an accident there. so, keep that in mind if you're heading in those areas. a live look at the route 30 bypass in chester county at route 340, where there are no issues to report and i can finally say no issues to report on this roadway. back to you guys. >> all right, katy, thanks. ten minutes after 6:00 right now. another american doctor is back in the u.s. after treating patients in ebola-ravaged west africa. and this woman just might
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get the bad parent award. we have details on what she's accused of putting her daughter up to in a gas station parking lot.
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just about 6:15 this monday morning. skyforce10 is live over a house fire in kensington. you see firefighters there on ladders. we don't have any information. you see some smoke there as they shoot flashlights inside that home, and there's smoke coming out, billowing out of that home, but we don't have much more information on that. we're making calls right now to find out if anybody's injured, anybody's in that house, but right now we don't have that information. what we do know is this is a house fire in the kensington area of philadelphia. new from overnight, a montgomery county home is gutted after a fire there. flames hit the house at eastwood circle and nicole drive in upper
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dublin at about 3:00 this morning. no one was hurt. firefighters are now trying to figure out how it started. it's 6:15. an upper darby woman was arrested for allegedly arranging a fight between her teenage daughter and a classmate. nicole edna holton is charged with endangering the welfare of children and corruption of minors. they were spotted fighting friday afternoon in a gas station parking lot. holton allegedly told police that school administrators were not settling the girls' conflict, so she helped the girls do it on their own. right now in ferguson, missouri, a manhunt is under way for the person who shot a police officer over the weekend. this happened on saturday night as the officer tried to question a man about a burglary. he took off and fired shots at the officer, hitting him in the arm. meanwhile, seven protesters were arrested last night outside of a police station. police say that the shooting is not related to the death of michael brown and the weeks of protests that followed --
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>> thankfully, cooler heads prevailed. >> and just a short time after the shooting and just a few miles away, an off-duty officer came under fire. he wasn't injured and there's no sign it was related to the ferguson protests. and the national transportation and safety board is looking into the deadly bus crash that killed four college softball players. 15 members of the team from north central texas college were aboard the team bus being driven by their coach. they were headed home friday night after a scrimmage in oklahoma. investigators say a tractor-trailer traveling north crossed the median and crashed into the driver's side of the bus. >> not to speculate, but it tells us that for some reason, the truck did not follow the roadway. and so, that is precisely what the investigation intends to find out is why did the truck not follow the roadway? was it mechanical or was it human, driver-related? that's what we want to find out. >> the driver of the tractor-trailer was treated and
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released from the hospital. this morning an american doctor exposed to ebola in sierra leone is at the national institutes of health hospital near washington. he was admitted yesterday to a special isolation unit just for observation. officials say the doctor has not necessarily contracted the virus. he's in isolation as a precaution. back here in our area, the philadelphia union and temple university teamed up to help fight ebola, encouraging people to kick ebola in a butt. the fund-raiser challenge involved kicking a slightly inflated ball at someone's behind and making a donation. all proceeds benefit charities responding to the outbreak in west africa. a new study finds a stroll on the boardwalk has been costing some south jersey communities big bucks. the report finds in the last five years, $1.8 million has been paid out because of injuries people claim they received on the boardwalk. now, the report says just this year, this year alone, towns and their insurers have had to pay nearly $800,000 to deal with those types of claims.
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some of the suits involve claims on wildwood's boardwalk and atlantic city's promenade. 18 minutes past 6:00 now. let's update you on your ride to work or school or whenever you're going this morning. >> and katy zachry is manning first alert traffic center. >> volume is starting to build on many of our area roadways. you can see right now a live look at 95 right at girard avenue where we are seeing some volume building as they're headed south towards center city, philadelphia. when i see you in about ten minutes, i'll give you drive times from woodhaven to the vine. right now happening, the burlington bristol bridge is open for a ship to pass through, so that, of course, affects traffic on route 413. an alternate to get around that, you can take the tacony-palmyra bridge, which actually, the last hour opened twice, but that is now down, so that's a good alternate if you want to take it around the burlington bristol bridge. and there's an accident in bensalem to tell you about, old bridge road at high road. there is also one new into our system in montgomery county in willow grove, easton road at moreland road. there's a crash there. then, a pole that had been blocking traffic in the
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right-hand lane on stanton christiana road at delaware park boulevard, that has cleared in the last few minutes. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it was nice and clear this weekend, sunshine, temperatures in the 80s yesterday afternoon. 13 degrees above normal. but we're already starting to see change. clouds have started to move into the area. those clouds are going to be with us through the day today. we will see some breaks of sunshine. right now the sun's not up, and so, the temperatures still trying to come down, 64 degrees, but thanks to the clouds, really not going to go much lower this morning. 50s and 60s, but the bit of light fog now in bluebell and wrightstown is reporting light fog. it was thick to start with early this morning. atlantic city for a couple of hours at 3:00 a.m., 4:00, 5:00 saw some fog, but it is gone. and nothing to show you on the radar just yet. but to the west you can see some showers moving through williamsport. it's part of a system that could give us some showers for tomorrow.
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right now the steadiest rain is way to the south. so, any showers we get tomorrow will be light. the clouds that we're getting today, that will help to keep the temperatures lower. upper 70s to low 80s this afternoon. and the seven-day forecast. the numbers come down a little bit tomorrow. we'll see some sunshine to start with, then clouds building during the day with a chance of some scattered light showers later on tuesday. by wednesday, clouds will still be with us and the temperatures go lower. high of just 73 degrees wednesday afternoon after a morning low of 63. then the sunshine reappears for thursday. 74 the high temperature on thursday. and middle 70s again on friday. but later on friday, clouds are back with a chance of some scattered showers. partly sunny and cooler this weekend. sunday afternoon just 68 degrees. >> all right, bill. hey, we want to start your day right. you can wake up with your favorite nbc 10 personality. you can download our nbc 10 morning app to your smartphone and you will find headlines there, a live stream of our morning newscasts, and are you ready?
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you can set your alarm with the voice of some of your favorite personalities. everything you need to start your day off right. taking a step forward. what roger goodell did this weekend in an effort to make right what he says he got wrong. plus, this story -- ♪ this head got shiny, that head's shiny, that head's shiny ♪ >> turning doom and gloom to fun and optimism. this upper darby teen shows the other side of life with cancer.
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to the people of the coffee-drinking world. the time has come to put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for a dunkin' donuts dark roast. bold start, smooth finish, never bitter. rejoice with the 99-cent medium hot or iced dark roast today. about 6:24, 64 degrees out there right now, and we are covering breaking news. skyforce10 hovering over a house fire in kensington. the report that we're getting right now is that there may have been one person inside that home. we're working to get that report confirmed. right now you see ladders there. firefighters are on the scene of a house fire in the kensington
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area of philadelphia. nfl commissioner roger goodell visited the headquarters of the national domestic violence hotline. this comes after heavy criticism about his handling of the ray rice abuse case. the ceo of the center in austin, texas, said goodell was moved to tears as he listened to stories about the challenges victims of abuse face. after pledging millions of dollars, goodell also promised to increase education and awareness about domestic violence issues to players, coaches and staff members. good morning. taking a look at your screen, see that long line of headlig s headlights? that is volume building on the 42 freeway northbound right at creek road as it heads towards center city, philadelphia. and volume is building on many of our area roadways, specifically 95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine. it will take you upwards of 25 minutes. when i see you in a bit, we'll look at your other area roadways, but first, taking a live look at cape may, the
6:26 am
sunrise over that shore town. it's a beauty, bill. >> well, it's going to be coming up in about a half an hour, but it's going to be limited sunshine that we see as clouds are moving into the area. they started moving in overnight. and it's a mostly cloudy view from the satellite this morning. right now it's 6:26 and 64 degrees. a little girl run over by a hit-and-run driver remains hospitalized this morning. nbc 10's jesse gary is live at the children's hospital of philadelphia with an update on this case. >> reporter: yeah, vai, quick action by witnesses may help police capture the person responsible for this crime. i'll explain that coming up right after the break. and the trial begins in just a few hours. former philadelphia sportscaster john tollefson will stand trial for duping the public. and we are taking another live look at this house fire in kensington. firefighters there on the left trying to put out a fire.
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we have a report that one person may have been in this house. we're trying to confirm that. we'll have that information as we come back.
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we are following breaking news for you this morning. firefighters on the scene of a fire in kensington. skyforce10 is live above a house that went up in flames. on the hunt for a hit-and-run driver. simply walking across the street changed the life of a 7-year-old girl. she remains hospitalized this morning and the driver remains on the run. charity fraud. former philadelphia sportscaster don tollefson charged with stealing more than $100,000 gets his day in court. fall cooldown. cooler temperatures emerge but with some clouds and maybe even some rain this week. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's find out what's ahead with
6:31 am
meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast. bill? >> good morning, gang. hey. after sunshine over the weekend, we're already seeing some changes this morning. clouds have started to roll in overnight, and you can see them over lincoln financial field. the clouds will be with us for most of the day. only a couple breaks of twilight. we're heading toward closer to sunrise, which is coming up in just 24 minutes. temperatures, they've come down overnight, but they're unusually warm for this time of year. it's 64 degrees in philadelphia. we should be in the middle 50s in the end of september. so, stand by for another warm day, not as hot as yesterday, thanks to the clouds that are going to be here for most of the day. 77 degrees, mostly cloudy skies at noontime and 80 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood, hour by hour, when i come back. but first, katy zachry has traffic this morning. good morning, katy. >> good morning, bill. around this time volume is building, there are a few accidents to tell you about and some bridge openings. we're going to start things off with a look at 422 right near trooper road where we're not
6:32 am
seeing much congestion on this roadway, but heading into philadelphia, route 1 right as it approaches 76, you can see route 1 southbound right here as it approaches 76 is really starting to build up around this time. a few -- actually, before we get to the accidents, there is a slow-up on 95 southbound headed into center city, philadelphia. you're averaging about 20 miles per hour on 95 southbound. some accidents in bucks county. bensalem, old bridge road at high road there's an accident there. also in montgomery county in willow grove, easton road at moreland road. you're going to want to avoid that area for an accident. and the burlington bristol bridge, i just got word that it has closed, but the tacony-palmyra bridge is scheduled to open in a bit, and i'll have more information when i see you soon. now 6:32. we continue to follow breaking news we first brought you about 15 minutes ago. skyforce10 hovering over this house fire in kensington. you see firefighters there on the ground. they've got ladders up against that building. smoke was billowing out of that
6:33 am
building a few minutes ago. the information that we're getting is that there was maybe one person inside that house fire. we're still trying to get that confirmed, but it looks like they have that fire under control right now. emergency crews have called for paramedics, but we're still trying to find out if anybody was hurt. we'll continue to cover this and we'll bring you any information that we get. at 6:33, new from overnight, three people were hurt in a chain-reaction crash in philadelphia along erie avenue at "m." this is around 1:30 this morning. police say everyone involved is expected to be okay. the cause is under investigation. a west philadelphia girl remains hospitalized after being hit by a car. the driver sped off, prompting a police search. one horrified neighbor gave chase, captured the pursuit on his cell phone. he says the suspected hit-and-run driver drove through red lights near the philadelphia zoo to avoid pursuit. nbc 10's jesse gary is live outside children's hospital of philadelphia. and jesse, you've checked in
6:34 am
with accident investigators. what have you been learning? >> reporter: well, tracy, detectives with the a.i.d., accident investigation division, say they have not made any arrests yet, but they say that cell video that you just showed provided the following information. they are looking for a lime green mitsubishi outlander, pennsylvania license plate jky-7458. they believe the driver of that suv struck 7-year-old allure mclaine as she crossed north 42nd street late last night. one vehicle stopped for the crossing, but witnesses say the driver of the second swerved around the stopped car, hit the child and then sped off. >> whoever it is, i hope you're man enough or woman enough to turn yourself in. >> reporter: detectives tell me they have run the plates on the vehicle, they know who the registered owner is, but they're not releasing that information. they're still trying to determine who was at the wheel at the time of the accident. live outside children's hospital in west philadelphia, jesse gary, nbc 10 news.
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today the trial will begin for former philadelphia sportscaster don tollefson. he is accused of stealing more than $100,000 through a sports-related charity scam. tollefson was arrested back in february after police say he duped people into buying tickets to sporting events, saying the money would go to charity. but investigators say he kept the cash for himself and the buyers never got the packages that they paid for. his trial is being held in doylestown. autopsies will be performed on the president of cooper university health care and his wife after the couple was killed in a house fire over the weekend. prosecutors say the circumstances surrounding the fire that killed 72-year-old john sheridan and his 69-year-old wife, joyce, are still being investigated. firefighters responded to the sheridans'home in somerset county sunday morning. officials say the fire was contained to an upstairs bedroom where the couple was found. governor chris christie released this statement -- "john was an outstanding public servant, a leader in the health care industry, a true new jersey treasure.
6:36 am
joyce was an outstanding teacher, wife and mother." cooper's chairman of board of trustees, george norcross, said "it is hard to overstate how great a loss john's death is to his family, friends and co-workers in cooper. there is no one else who has had as big an impact on me as john did except my father." happening today, a big announcement meant to strengthen the partnership between two colleges in south jersey. camden county college and rutgers university camden are calling the agreement groundbreaking in its scope for all students in and outside of camden county. today's announcement takes place at camden county college's gloucester township campus at 1:30 this afternoon. we'll be sure to let you know the details of that deal. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> overnight, clouds started to move in, and we're seeing them in the pocono mountains. this is the view from blue mountain this morning. gray skies will be taking over after brilliant sunshine over the weekend. and you can see it, too, at the
6:37 am
shore and in philadelphia. clouds surround the comcast center. you can see a little bit of a glow of sunlight. we're still minutes away from the sunrise this morning. you can see that's a red sky visible from our cape may camera the at marquis de lafayette hotel. no rain, just lots of clouds and temperatures that are in the 50s and 60s, unusually warm for this time of year. 59 degrees in pottstown. it's 64 degrees right now in northeast philadelphia. the radar completely clear. no sign of any showers in the immediate area. the nearest showers, just some very light stuff in central pennsylvania. it's more to the south. this is a system that's mainly going to stay to the south, but not the clouds. they've already moved into the area and they will be staying with us through the day. so, a mostly cloudy day for mt. pocono. allentown, reading. in spite of the clouds, it will be in the upper 70s and 80 degrees for northeast philadelphia and mt. holly, up to 81 in trenton. vineland and dover, 78 degrees this afternoon with clouds and
6:38 am
some breaks of sunshine. it's going to be a mostly cloudy one, however, for west chester, chester and glassboro. the chance of rain will be increasing tomorrow. the timing with the seven-day forecast when i come back. well, we had a bridge opening, a couple of them. we've had a couple accidents so far, and then just regular, normal volume at the 6:00 hour. >> monday morning. everybody trying to get back to work. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry's watching the roads. >> that's right. we'll start off with the congestion. a live look at 76 right at the conshohocken curve, where you can see a lot of brake lights. we're seeing drive times creeping up as the morning goes on. 76, both westbound and eastbound between the vine and the blue route, you can see it's slow going, around 20 minutes, and that, of course, is just going to creep up as the morning goes on. the tacony-palmyra bridge is slated to open again. this is the third time this morning that it's opened for a ship to pass through. it's scheduled to open around 6:45, and that will, of course, affect traffic on route 73 for both new jersey and pennsylvania
6:39 am
drivers. so, i'll keep you in the know about when that happens. and we had an accident in montgomery county. that has cleared. we still have one in bucks county, bensalem, old bridge road at high road. i'm learning it's an overturned vehicle, so they're working to clear that from the roadway, but it's best to avoid this area, if you can. >> katy, thank you. happening today, the mayor of atlantic city is in philadelphia to unveil a new tourism marketing campaign for his city. this is a look at some of the new television commercials encouraging people to "do ac." that will soon begin airing in the area. they will feature midweek promotions and other events, draw fall visitors to atlantic city. and days after a fire throws chicago airports for a loop, things are still not back to normal. we'll get the latest on the attempted suicide that disrupted air travel across the u.s. and running for their lives, a volcano erupts without warning in japan, spewing ash and rocks on hundreds of hikers.
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6:43 right now. today leaders in camden are expected to announce details for a restoration project for "the battleship new jersey." union workers will repaint the ship to show support for veterans and the city of camden. happening today in montgomery county, leaders will introduce a new initiative called communities that care aimed at preventing drug use among young people. state senator stewart greenleaf will make an announcement in horsham township. an 8-year-old girl remains in critical condition and faces more surgery today after police say she was attacked by a pit bull. it happened saturday afternoon at a home on adeline drive in newark, new castle county. the girl is the daughter of newark city councilman todd ruckle. she is being treated at children's hospital of philadelphia and had to have her right arm reattached. the dog was shot and killed by police. today a trial is scheduled to begin for a norristown man
6:44 am
accused of running over a police officer's foot and then dragging him from his vehicle during a traffic stop. christopher stegall is facing a long list of charges from the incident in olney two years ago. philadelphia police say stegall refused to get out of his vehicle during a traffic stop and sped off and dragged an officer about a block. the officer had a fractured ankle in the process. stegall turned himself in. today the trial begins for a friend of the boston marathon bombing suspect. robel phillipos is a friend of dzhokhar tsarnaev, pictured here. he is accused of lying to police about being in tsarnaev's dorm room days after the bombing. he has pleaded not guilty. he is the third friend of tsarnaev to head to trial. the other two have already been convicted of conspiracy and obstruction of justice. the bombings at the 2013 boston marathon killed 3 people and injured more than 260 others. charges are expected to be filed today against the man accused of beheading a co-worker at a food processing plant in oklahoma. police say alton nolen will face
6:45 am
charges. investigators say he attacked two women with a knife, beheading one of them, after he was fired on thursday. the chief officer at the plant shot sunol nolen, who is expect recover. and jodi arias prosecutors will seek the death penalty after a previous jury deadlocked on her punishment. arias acknowledges killing travis alexander back in 2008 but claims it was self-defense. prosecutors argue it was premeditated murder. the retrial is expected to last until december. the death toll has increased in japan after five more bodies were found today at the summit of the volcano that erupted over the weekend. that brings the death toll to 36. earlier today, workers were forced to stop recovery efforts because of gas and ash that was still spewing from mt. ontake in central japan. two dozen of the victims' bodies remain at the summit.
6:46 am
hundreds of people were hiking there at the time of the eruption. the faa says it will take until mid-october now to get that fire-damaged air traffic control facility in suburban chicago running at full capacity. officials say they expect improvements in travel today after thousands of flights were canceled starting friday. technicians are now replacing the entire computer network at the facility. authorities say a contract employee started the fire. we just checked with local airports at philly international. there is one united airlines flight to chicago, one from chicago. they have both been canceled. there is also a flight from chicago to lehigh valley airport that has also been canceled. 6:46. happening today, the family of dr. martin luther king jr. will be in a georgia courtroom. the case centers around the future of two of the late civil rights leaders' prized possessions. his nobel peace prize and his traveling bible. king's daughter, bernice, says her brother wants to sell the items. they control their father's
6:47 am
estate and say bernice removed and hid the items. enrollment at pennsylvania's state-owned universities appears to be dropping for the fourth straight year. preliminary reports show that enrollment has dropped below 111,000 students. it peaked at about 119,000 back in 2010. the pennsylvania state system of higher education raised tuition 3%, trying to cut its deficit. education officials say the state is trying to expand its partnerships with community colleges and extend tuition discounts at schools with extra space. ♪ so hard, this head got shiny, that head's shiny, that head's shiny ♪ >> it is a funny and inspirational video made by a pediatric cancer patient. 19-year-old tom gillin just completed five months of treatment for leukemia at children's hospital of philadelphia. this video, "bald so hard" has drawn about 100,000 hits on youtube. he says he made the video to show what daily life is like for cancer patients. he's also hoping that jay z will
6:48 am
visit the hospital. >> i hope he does. you know, no pity for tom and any of his buddies down there. that's so nice. also reminds you of the piece that hoda came down and did for the "today" show last week. let's go to new york for a look at what's ahead on the "today" show. >> and for that, we say good morning to matt and tamron. good morning! >> hey, tracy and vai. good to see you both. and straight ahead on a monday here on the show, fallout from the president's admission that u.s. officials underestimated the threat posed by isis. did the pentagon wait too long to take on the terror group? also ahead, miracle babies. our exclusive access to the world's first surviving panda triplets as they turn 2 months old. then, oscar winner ben affleck will be here. we'll talk about his new role in the thriller "gone girl," plus another big role that's getting a lot of attention in "batman." and some live music to get you moving on a monday morning from the hit irish trio the scripps. one of our favorites around here when we see you here on "today."
6:49 am
>> vai and tracy, back to you guys. >> that's going to be awfully fun. we'll see you guys in about ten minutes. >> all right, you got it. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it was a big win yesterday in south philadelphia weatherwise with brilliant sunshine, but today we're losing sight of that clear sky as clouds have already started to move into the area, and that's kept things a bit warmer. it's 64 degrees right now at philadelphia international, just little bit of a breeze, and humidity is up to 90%. we've seen scattered areas of fog in south jersey. you can see a little fog through jim thorpe. otherwise, it's cloud cover from the city to the mountains to the shore. so, the temperatures are warm. 60s for right now for wildwood and atlantic city, 62 degrees in wilmington, northeast philadelphia's 64. this time of year we should be in the 50s and the suburbs should be in the 40s. but cloud cover came in and that cloudiness is going to be with us through the day today. there are some thin spots, so
6:50 am
you'll see some sunshine, but not a lot. what we won't see much of rainfall. that is mainly to the south. what little shower activity is heading to the north is heading out of our area in central pennsylvania, moving farther to the north. so, we will stay dry today, but sunglasses probably not necessary. it's 68 degrees at 9:00. we had 77 degrees at lunchtime and then 80 degrees this afternoon. and the seven-day forecast? well, those clouds will linger into tomorrow. you'll see 78 degrees a high temperature after some morning sunshine. the clouds will take over. there's a chance of scattered light showers on tuesday. a slightly better chance of seeing some light showers on wednesday. then thursday the sun reappears. 74 degrees is the high temperature after a morning low of 59 degrees. only to see the clouds return later on friday and a chance of some showers friday evening. but by saturday, the clouds will break and the temperatures cool. high temperatures sunday just 68 degrees.
6:51 am
bill with the big win in south philly weatherwise, keeping us on our toes. katy also keeping us on our toes. >> what are you seeing now? >> it's not a crazy busy morning, but enough to keep drivers, as you said, vai, on their toes. a live look at i-476 by reid road. it's picking up volumewise a little bit. and in terms of drive times, still looking good on 476 between 95 and 76 in both directions. there is something happening right now. the tacony-palmyra bridge, for the third time this morning it's opened for a ship to pass through. that, of course, affects traffic on route 73. it only takes about 15 minutes for the arms to go up and come back down. as you can see, there's the ship passing through right now. so, hopefully, when i see you next, it will be down and traffic on 73 can resume for both new jersey and pennsylvania drivers. an accident to tell you about in bucks county, bensalem, old bridge road at high road. it's an overturned vehicle, though they're working to upright it and get it out of there. then if we zoom out, you can
6:52 am
look at the average speeds in the area. 42 freeway where it merges with 55, at about 28 miles an hour. but then on 95 and then 76 right where it hits route 1, you're averaging in the teens. >> katy, thank you. the search is on this morning for a hit-and-run driver in philadelphia. nbc 10's jesse gary's live at the children's hospital of philadelphia where the 7-year-old victim is being treated. jesse? >> reporter: vai, the 7-year-old is in guarded condition inside children's hospital. i'll update you on the search for the person police say was behind the wheel, coming up. i'm matt delucia live in wilmington. two local cities are heading to washington to get some help in fighting crime. i'll have more on that coming up after the break.
6:53 am
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live look at the ben
6:56 am
franklin bridge, late september. i really must be getting back to school. i know i keep getting used, but i feel like i'm being used. bill henley will be along with his first alert forecast in just a moment. a west philadelphia girl remains hospitalized this morning after being hit by a car. the driver sped off, prompting a police search. nbc 10's jesse gary is live outside children's hospital. jesse, how's that little girl doing? >> reporter: well, vai, family members are inside the hospital with her. they say that she is in guarded condition. let's take a look at our video. neighbors actually saw this accident take place in west philadelphia late last night and gave chase after the person behind the wheel. they shot this cell phone video. 7-year-old allure mclaine was hit as she crossed north 42nd street. one vehicle stopped, but the second vehicle swerved around and hit her as she walked across the street. and now the search is on for the vehicle. police say they are looking for a lime green mitsubishi outlander with a pennsylvania license plate. if you have any information, give police a call. live outside children's hospital
6:57 am
in university city, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> all right, jesse. three minutes before 7:00. happening today, wilmington and camden begin an effort to cut down crime. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in wilmington with details on how the government is getting involved. matt, tell us more about this. >> reporter: yeah, city leaders and police from those two cities that you mentioned, tracy, will be heading to washington today to get some help from federal agencies. that help is not really available to local law enforcement right now. the violence reduction network summit is part of a department of justice plan to reduce crime in big cities. and those cities will have access to resources from agencies like the fbi and dea. now, this summit in washington will take place over the next three days, and i mentioned wilmington and camden, but other cities include detroit, chicago and oakland, california. local leaders are tipping their cap to this idea. we spoke with beth the wilmington and camden county police departments over the past week. they're hoping this extra help from the government will help in getting their crime numbers to
6:58 am
go down. live in wilmington this morning, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. good monday morning. i'm katy zachry with a look at your traffic a few minutes before 7:00. volume is building on the majors out there. a live look right now at 76 westbound right at city avenue. a lot of brake lights as it heads westbound toward belmont. look at your drive times westbound and eastbound on 76 between the vine and the blue route between 20 and 25 minutes in both directions. the tacony-palmyra bridge has just closed for the third opening of the morning. it's been a record, i think. so, a ship passed through, but that's all back to normal. so, traffic on route 73 is getting by. no problem right now. an accident in bucks county to tell you about. it's been out there for quite some time in bensalem on old bridge road at high road. it's an overturned vehicle. and also a new accident into our system up in new jersey. this is in south brunswick on route 1 northbound right at new road.
6:59 am
now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> clouds have been moving in overnight and we have a cloudy start this morning in the pocono mountains. that's a view from lake wallenpaupack, which is seeing temperatures unusually warm for this time of year. and you can see the clouds are hanging out over center city. that's a live view from the mellon bank building. bright sunshine is not happening today at the shore, no. what a different story this morning. just a few breaks in those clouds, while center city is nice and cloudy. plenty of cloud cover to go around this morning. it is keeping our temperatures warm. we should be in the 40s and 50s this time of year, but we're in the 50s and 60s right now. mt. holly, wilmington, trenton all in the low 60s, while it is 50s for pottstown and allentown. so, a mostly cloudy start and a cool, dry start at the bus stop this morning. 50s in the suburbs, 64 degrees in center city. and through the day today, clouds will be overhead, and that will keep temperatures in the 60s to start with. in spite of the clouds, 80
7:00 am
degrees this afternoon. >> "today" show is up next. we'll have updates in 25 minutes. >> you can always get the local news and weather at good morning. underestimated. the president admits his administration and u.s. intelligence officials misjudged the threat of isis. >> i think they underestimated what had been taking place in syria. >> while overnight the terror group manages to gain new ground despite ongoing air strikes. medical mystery. a new fear tied to that dangerous respiratory virus sweeping across the country. is it now causing paralysis in some children? airport chaos. hundreds of additional flights canceled in and out of chicago today after that troubling case of sabotage at an faa facility. why it could take weeks to get things back on schedule. and the happy couple, george